Group class descriptions

Barre Fusion

Barre is a fusion of Pilates, Yoga, ballet-style barre practice, and orthopedic stretching. The class uses your own body weight as the resistance, a barre which is fixed to the wall, and light weight training. All series work deep into the muscle groups to cause fatigue. Each series is followed by deep stretching. These exercises promote strength, flexibility and long, lean functional muscles. Barre Interval is a faster paced, 45-minute barre class that combines periods of high and low intensity movement for optimal cardiovascular results.

Battle Rope ST

One hour of high-intensity interval and cross-training at its best, this class involves the use of a rope to perform trx-like suspension training and agility work. You are using your body to strengthen, lengthen & tone your arms, core, glutes and legs. Each class includes 10 minutes of introduction and warm up followed by 45 minutes of high intensity battlerope work and cool down. For a quick video, click here. For additional information, click here.

Battle Rope ST + Spin combo class

BRST Spin integrates Spin and BRST in a 45-min. class. Half the group will do intervals of up to seven minutes in length on the spin bikes while half the group does a seven minute BRST circuit. Each group will alternate every seven minutes doing a round of spin followed by a round of BRST. Get the great benefits of cardiovascular conditioning on the spin bikes as well as strength, core & battle rope training all in one fantastic workout! PREREQUISITE: Intro. to BRST class or 2-3 classes of Battle Rope ST.


A full-contact, heavy cardio, boxing circuit with mitt training, bag work, push-ups/crunches, jump rope, etc..

Core Commotion

In Core Commotion/Core + Cardio, the use of hand weights (you choose the size) and body weight functional exercises are executed in a fun and creative way that will have you leaving ready to tackle daily activities with greater confidence and more energy. Core commotion will work and strengthen your entire body, raise your heart rate and build your endurance, all while strengthening and toning the abdominals. Burn those calories while creating a “commotion” throughout your core!

Cycle 45 (SPINNING)

Our indoor cycling classes utilize top of the line Schwinn bikes which measure both cadence and power output. These real-time measurements of individual effort allow for greater training, efficiency and performance results. Our instructors will take you through a high intensity interval ride using cadence and baseline resistance metrics to ensure a consistent, challenging and upbeat workout!


Designed by OTF's NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist Dawn Scanga. Structured Group class starting with Foam Rolling & Stretching using only basic body weight exercises. For all fitness levels including easing back into fitness.  It's a comprehensive, consistent workout building endurance and self confidence.

Full Body Blast

A 45-min. whole body, high-intensity workout - lots of cardio, strength and core!! Start your day off with a BLAST of fitness!

Kettlebells, Battle Rope ST & TRX

KTR is a classic full-body workout combining Kettlebells, TRX Suspension Training, and Battle Rope ST moves. All are designed to help you develop your overall strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. The class is easily adaptable to all fitness levels. Start where you are today, and challenge yourself!


This Mat based Pilates works focusing on core strength, flexibility, balance and overall body awareness. This class will work on lengthening and strengthening the muscles while giving you a full body workout. This high energy class utilizes theraband, small ball, light weights, magic circle and roller to help sculpt the body as well as increase range of motion. The class is fun and fluid to compliment any mind/body practice.


Rock Bottom

Tighten & tone with this awesome lower body workout. Glut blasting exercises to life & tone your backside. Targets hips, thighs, gluts and abs. Fully engage your core to maximize results. Plus a bit extra upper body! This class uses ankle weights, resistance bands and hand weights.

Total Body Conditioning

This high-intensity and high-energy class is a total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength workout. An equal focus is placed on strengthening and building muscle as well as building endurance. The class aims to provide total fitness and overall toning, working through every major muscle group and incorporating high, intense cardio bursts. Modifications for all fitness levels are provided!

Total Body Toning

Our Unique Full Body Workout focuses on pushing harder than you ever thought you could. Everyday is a different workout so we always keep you guessing. This class aims to provide total fitness and overall toning, working through every major muscle group. Modifications for all fitness levels are provided.